Before you reach the main attraction at Bare Pool Lounge, you will first encounter a tropical oasis at The Mirage pool area. It is a welcome refuge from your everyday casino experience, but a mere precursor to what’s awaiting around the corner. So don’t get distracted just yet, they’ll be plenty of distractions at Bare. In a secluded area away from screaming children or splashing kids yelling “Marco Polo,” an adult pool lounge where women are free to frolic topless (European-style), awaits your arrival.

This pool is 21 and older for all the right reasons. The pool has shallow ends on each side, so you can easily decide just how wet you want to get. And poolside daybeds and cabanas offer the ideal accompaniment to a day spent relaxing in and out of the water. But when you really want to experience Bare in all its glory, the elevated VIP section, lined with umbrella-covered daybeds, overlooks the entire area and features its own glass infinity-edged pool.

When you’re there to experience the luxury of VIP service like iced towels, Evian misters and huge TVs, Bare lays it all out for you. When you’re just there to swim, eat some delicious food from a menu created by Chef Brian Massie and sample a seemingly infinite drink menu, Bare gives you everything you want in a pool club with a little extra left over. The space is intimate, so feel free to be chatty with those around you —respectfully. And the lush environment takes you away from the business of life.

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NIGHTS OPEN: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Friday, Saturday, Sunday 


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