Drai’s Beach Club is perched 11 stories above the Las Vegas Strip on the rooftop of The Cromwell. And its view is exactly as spectacular as you’d expect from that locale. You’re safe from falling over the edge thanks to tall glass — or probably some sort of plastic — walls. But your sights are far from restricted. When you eventually turn back to the pool club itself, and quit pretending that all the people walking in front of Caesars are just ants waiting for you to judge them with your godly wrath, you’ll see the true beauty of Drai’s Beach Club.

The space has large pools that are slightly elevated so you have to step into them, which is a nice addition for anyone who’s ever set the phone or purse next to the pool only to have it fall in five seconds later. And the palm trees around the pools give just enough shade to make you feel like you’re swimming it someplace sort of secret, even though everyone can totally see you.

When you’re renting a cabana, you can go high or low. Take a daybed by the edge to get views of the Strip, or go for the second-level cabanas to gaze over everyone in the pool. Either way you get VIP service and an amazing view. And when you can’t take the sun anymore and need to experience a cool place, there’s a small bar in one corner that’s always nice and chill.

Drai’s Beach Club, like the connected Drai’s Nightclub, gets some of the top DJs and musical performers in the world. We won’t even begin to try to list them, but you can always find top quality music and shows at Drai’s. Whether you want to lay out by yourself, people watch and people splash or stare down at the Bellagio Fountains and pretend they’re dancing just for your amusement (are we the only megalomaniacal ones who do stuff like that?), Drai’s Beach Club is an exceptional club among the already incredible Drai’s family.

If you’re staying at the Cromwell, you’ll even receive two free passes per room to Drai’s Beach Club or Drai’s Nightclub. And if you want to take a dip in a pool but don’t want the club atmosphere of Drai’s, Cromwell guests also receive complimentary access to Flamingo or Caesars Palace pools. Just show your room key and enjoy.

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NIGHTS OPEN: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Friday, Saturday, Sunday
LOCATION: The Cromwell

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