This is that club that you notice when you’re driving or walking past Encore on Las Vegas Boulevard and you think, “I wonder what it’s like to be in there?” We can tell you that when you get in there you’ll think, “Wow. I totally deserve this level of amazing because I’m that cool of a person.” OK, we might be a little full of ourselves, but Encore really is that great.

The space is surrounded by gorgeous cabanas with all the luxury elements you’d expect from a Wynn property like temperature control units with misters, balconies in the back with views of the Strip, and bungalows with private bathrooms. When you’re not in your cushy cabana, bars lay on either side of the club so you never have to walk far to get a drink. And with the attentive staff and stellar service you might not even have to stand up to get a drink if you’re willing to pay for bottle service or a bucket. And if you’re choosy, the liquor selection is truly huge.

If you’re into the cool but still want to chill, you can relax in lily pads and lounge chairs without ever actually leaving one of the three-tiered pools, which are separated only by walkways and the bridge in the middle, which is totally plush on its own. It has three silver poles and a circular red covering that streams down water in a rain-like flow and tops it off with misters on the outer ring. Free advice: Those aren’t stripper poles no matter how hot you think you are, or how many drinks you’ve had. If your butt hurts from falling off a not-stripper pole, or from just being so bomb all day, plush daybeds surround the outer edges of the pools. And plenty of walking/dancing space makes this outdoor club the envy of the Las Vegas pool scene.

Encore has a full food menu at the grille. And access is easy thanks to the proximity to Wynn’s parking garage. If you can afford a bungalow, we say go for it. It’s basically like having a tiny apartment with a view of a pool club and the north part of the Strip. If you can’t, the club is fantastic for any attendee. And you can always do what we do and just tell people you’ve got a bungalow but you can’t take them there right now because of mumbled reasons, then slowly walk away without making eye contact. There are consistently enough people at Encore Beach Club that eventually someone might believe you.

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NIGHTS OPEN: Friday, Saturday, Sunday
LOCATION: Encore Hotel

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