Olympic Gardens (OG) Strip Club

Olympic Gardens Of Las Vegas Review:

The OG Gentlemen’s club is the only Las Vegas strip club located on the world famous Las Vegas strip. The majority of strip clubs in Vegas are located just off the strip with a large majority of them standing side by side next to or across from each other down industrial rd. OG gentlemen’s club was the first truly modernized Strip Club on the Las Vegas scene. About 10 years ago it was the largest and ritziest strip club in town and had a reputation for having dancers that looked like angels from heaven. Today things have changed quite a bit and OG’s is no longer the largest or ritziest club in town, but even with this being said OG is still a force to be reckoned with.

OG’s Gentlemen’s club hasn’t changed much over the past decade. The club still sports a spacious main room which includes 4 satellite tipping stages, cashier cage, snack bar and main bar. What’s great about these stages is that they provide a great variety of girls who will cause you to go on a massive dollar slinging frenzy!

Speaking of variety, one of the main issues with OG’s in the past was that they suffered from a lack of it. Typically all you would see back then were mainly large breasted white women with blonde hair. Nowadays, there’s a much more worldly variety, but still plenty of those lovely surgically enhanced blonde-haired women that we all love. Unlike most strip clubs where you get hit up for dances constantly throughout the night, the ladies at Olympic gardens aren’t too aggressive and for the most part seem to enjoy themselves. More importantly, they are all quite gorgeous.

Olympus Gardens is not only known for their super-hot female entertainers but also for their male dancers as weel; the Men of Olympus. The Men of Olympus is an all-male revue which caters to the female cust omer and they perform on the weekends only until 4am. You can find the Men on Olympus by visiting the second floor of the strip club.   lady dancers is one of the few strip joints to offer something for the female customer as well: Olympic Gardens is one of the many strip clubs offering all male revues and despite the competition from newcomers offering male revues, this is the original, and many ladies still say the best.

The second floor is not only home to the Men of Olympus but is also home to the afterhours club Insomnia. This party begins when the majority of most normal nightclubs are actually getting ready to close down. Inside this club you’ll find some of most talented Dj’s and up comers on the strip. VIP booths along with bottle service are available along with go-go dancers. What’s cool is that the dancers that work at OG’s Gentlemen’s club are actually allowed to enter the club unlike some other strip club- nightclub hybrids.

In conclusion the OG might be hard-pressed to compete with the some of the newer, ritzier juggernaut strip clubs, but there’s no denying a classic. This place is and will always be a great strip club to visit while you are here in Las Vegas. The atmosphere is great and the ladies are drop dead beautiful!

Gallery Of Olymic Gardens Strip Club & Male Revue

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