Surrender Nightclub

It seems like an addition to the Encore casino as it sits silently behind revolving doors. But Surrender Nightclub is anything but an afterthought. From the snake behind the bar to the poles to the huge outdoor space with its own DJ booth and dance area, Surrender feels like falling into an evening you won’t soon forget. And that’s all just in the design.

Roger Thomas, a name you’ll recognize if you know anything about Vegas interior design or the genesis of the Wynn and Encore, designed Surrender, and the impeccable style shines through. Like a single step forward, followed by another and another growing in pace and intensity, Surrender pulls you along until you’re so deep inside the belly of the snake all you can do is dance and play the ribs like a xylophone.

Even in the winter, which in Vegas means chilly at worst, the outdoor area is kept warm and inviting. The cabanas surrounding the pool have great views. And gaming is right on the other side to lure people away from the party and money away from their pockets. For a clean club experience with space to move and an atmosphere that keeps pulling you back in, Surrender is an incredibly aptly named place. Give in to it and you’ll have a great time.

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NIGHTS OPEN: Wednesday, Thursday Friday, Saturday
LOCATION: Encore Hotel

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