Putting a massive party around a pool is Wet Republic’s way of proving, once again, that Hakkasan Group knows how to throw a bash whether it’s wet, dry or something steamy in between. This super wet pool club has saltwater pools for a little extra flavor in each dip. And the volume of the space, which is something like 54,000 square feet with 6,000 being the pools and 2,500 being the open-air lounge (if any of that means anything to you) makes the crowds drawn to Wet Republic even more impressive.

The long, long bar area gives you frozen drinks to keep you kind of cool in the Vegas heat. And if you spring for one of the cabanas or VIP bungalows you can also get pitcher service of mojitos or other summer drinks. The cabanas are your typical poolside rest spots, with a Hakkasan-level glamour that includes giant TVs and Blu-ray players. And the bungalows are beyond luxury with guarded access, plush furniture, TVs, misting fans, private plunge pools shared by the bungalows and separate restroom and shower facilities — so you don’t have to deign to pee with the commoners. But what really sets Wet Republic apart from the competition is the level of performers pulled into the MGM Grand.

Syncing with nearby Hakkasan Nightclub, artists like Tiësto, Steve Aoki, Calvin Harris, Krewella and many more grace the booth and get the beats moving. Between the sound system and the huge LED setup over the DJ booth, you might forget the sky is real and not just a really well-done nightclub design. But when the breeze hits you as you splash and dance you’ll remember one thing about Wet Republic: This is the Vegas pool club where afternoons are made. When you go to Wet Republic, don’t relax too hard; you wouldn’t want to miss out on all the action.

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